Bubbling Brook

About the Project

Bubbling Brook has been a popular destination for delicious hard and soft-serve ice cream serving Westwood and surrounding communities since 1951.

The Brief

Working collaboratively with the owner, our goal was to showcase Bubbling Brook as a local destination, one that visitors return for again and again.

To ensure everyone who visits the newly redesigned website feels welcome, we made several changes:

  • Optimized the website for local search, increasing visibility in its target geographical area.
  • Enhanced it’s Google Business listing, incorporating location-based keywords to attract customers seeking delightful allergy-friendly treats.
  • Integrated social media platforms to encourage users to share content with their friends, building buzz for the local ice cream shop as a destination.

Our Approach

  • Aimed to create a compelling online presence, enhance their brand and attract more customers with delicious ice cream that’s also friendly for people with allergies.
  • Designed a website that reflects the company’s values of happiness, warmth, and sharing experiences.
  • Used local SEO strategies to optimize the website for search results and attract both locals and tourists.

The Result

  • The new site features an inviting design.
  • The emphasis on allergy-friendly options and commitment to customer safety is now prominent on the website.
  • The client’s website now ranks higher in local search results, attracting both locals and tourists seeking delightful ice cream treats. Local customers can easily find and visit the establishment.
  • Customers can easily access and navigate the website on their mobile devices.

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