Elephant Books

I have worked closely with Kerry over the past several months as she developed the website for our business, Elephant Books (, which is now up and running. I found her to be a consistent and willing partner, someone who was able to think through systematically various potential solutions to our needs and make clear recommendations as to the way forward. While she had a clear point of view (which I would expect as she’s the expert), she was also quite flexible and able to adapt “real-time” to changes in requirements and issues that arose. I would wholeheartedly endorse her as a business partner to potential clients with emphasis on the word partner. She truly did take on our project as her own and really viewed herself not simply developing a website but helping us think through our future business. Would be very happy to work with her again.
Stephen M.

Co-founder, Elephant Books

Kerry was amazing! When Elephant Books launched we knew our website was going to be our primary asset so it had to be perfect. And while we knew what we wanted, Kerry was key to putting all the pieces together. She helped guide us through the entire process as was exceptionally easy to work with. Kerry was on-time and on budget. Check out our website and I think you will agree.
Valerie F.

Co-founder, Elephant Books

About The Project

KMA Web Design partnered with Elephant Books to build an online storefront for their children’s books subscription service. After assessing their business needs, we determined that a custom WordPress website was the best way forward to give their customers a customized shopping experience.  A third party e-commerce solution, Cratejoy, was integrated for recurring subscriptions and gift purchases.