Merganser Capital Management

About the Project

Merganser Capital Management is a Boston-based financial services firm providing fixed-income portfolio management to institutional clients.

The Brief

Our approach was to rebuild the website using the WordPress content management platform. This approach not only modernized the website architecture but also provided a foundation for improved engagement and functionality.

Working in collaboration with the Merganser team, we created a dynamic website that sought to effectively connect and provide useful information for its current and prospective clients. The result is a modern, conversation optimized website.

Our Approach

We created a strategic website for Merganser Capital Management, blending modern design with user-friendly features. We integrated essential features, analyzed keywords for targeted growth, and ensured stability through regular maintenance.

  • Created a fresh and functional interface for Merganser’s online presence.
  • Used data to analyze website performance and user behavior and to make data-driven decisions to improve online engagement.
  • Created a mobile-responsive website to ensure an optimal browsing experience across devices.
  • Provided an easy way for staff to regularly update website content to keep it fresh and relevant for visitors.
    Ensured website security through security measures.

The Result

We have been able to achieve transformative outcomes for Merganser Capital Management’s online presence.

  • The migration to WordPress created a modern, adaptable platform that allows for current and future strategic marketing initiatives.
  • The site’s user-friendly features and intuitive navigation engage users and give them easy paths to inquire about Merganser’s services.
  • Strategically integrated keywords have boosted search visibility.
  • The responsive web design ensures that visitors can browse smoothly, no matter what device they are using.
  • Regular website updates help to maintain performance and speed for visitors.
  • Security measures serve to safeguard the website.

This effort has reinvigorated Merganser’s online brand presence, fostering engagement, growth, and lasting relevance.

Client Reviews

Our firm highly recommends working with KMA Web Design! From start to finish, Kerry and her team were such a joy to work with. She is professional, organized, timely, knowledgeable and overall was an excellent partner throughout our web design process.

Merganser Capital Management
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