About the Project

The Brief

Workspaces Norwood provides coworking spaces for businesses and individuals. They provide their clients with a place to work that is professional, comfortable and conducive to productivity.

Our Approach

  • We worked with Workspaces to highlight their many amenities page on the website.
  • We added a pricing page that shows their different offerings and memberships with integrated payment options.
  • We used Google Analytics, Google Business, and Search Console tools to ensure website ranking.
  • We conducted keyword research and content optimization to help prospects find their way onto their site.

The new Workspaces Norwood website now has a polished look, and the site has been updated with new features to attract new clients.

The Result

Prospective clients are more likely to book work spaces due to the ease of booking.

Customers can easily see the value and amenities offered by Workspaces.

By using Google Analytics, Google Business, and Search Console tools to monitor their website’s traffic and search engine ranking positions (SERPs), the company was able to  increase its visibility online.

Client Reviews

As new business owners, we worked with KMA Web Design to create our Workspaces website. Kerry was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. Her professionalism and strong communication skills made it a pleasure to work with KMA. We are delighted with our website!

Janet C.
Owner, Workspaces Norwood
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