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Prospective customers are searching for your services. Let’s make sure your business is listed on the first page of Google search results.


 What Is SEO and Why Is It Important?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization encompasses the work that ensures more people find your website in Google and the other search engines. Google search results show links to pages relevant to the search that are trustworthy or authoritative. In short, your web pages have the potential to rank in Google if your content is relevant to a search query and your site is considered trustworthy.

What sets KMA Web Design apart is that we’re in regular communication with our clients. SEO requires a long-term partnership between our team and you. To outrank your competition, we will not only do the work, but we will give you insight into everything we do and the results.

We are definitely getting more inquiries through the website!!.. so what your doing is working!

Bob D.

President, Comm-Clean, Inc.

Our SEO Process


1. Research & Evaluation

We perform in-depth research on your existing ranking in Google and research your competition. We evaluate the current state of your website’s search engine optimization. We share our findings with you.


2. Implement Our Findings

We implement our findings using on-site and off-site SEO strategies and provide regular communication on the work we’re performing. We use tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to ensure that we’re doing the necessary work to help you rank in search results.


3. Ongoing SEO To Make Sure You Are Ranking

We monitor your website’s performance and make adjustments and enhancements based on the website analytics. We communicate our plan each month to you and have regular strategy conversations to make sure your SEO is inline your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included In Your SEO Plans?

Monthly SEO services can be broken into three parts:

This is the most important factor for a successful SEO effort. To be successful in SEO today, collaboration and feedback are required. A monthly or quarterly phone call is a great way to ensure you’re on the same page.

Each month, we deliver a synopsis of results and observations. Typically, this takes the form of an email to our client with a report that integrates commentary with data from tools like Google Analytics.

Action Items.
These are the steps we’ll take each month to drive results. This is the part of the process that will be incremental. Each month’s progress will build upon previous months’ tasks and strengthen the overall SEO platform for the months and years that follow. An example of an action item may be updating and expanding your customer’s Google Maps local listing.

Can I cancel at any time?


We are all about building a valuable relationship with you and your website, so we would hate to see you go but we know financial needs weigh on many decisions and don’t want to lock anyone in.

Request a cancellation via email to, and we will immediately stop the next payment.

What if I need something outside the plans?

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we’ll need you to fill in a separate project brief so we can be clear on what you need and create a separate quote.

However, many times we will evaluate requests that exceed your plan on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for time exceeded at the support rate listed on your plan.

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